The Art of Building An Invitation Suite

If your search history looks a little like what the hell actually goes into a wedding invitation suite? Then you’re in the right place. We’re here to show you how to properly build out an invitation suite that meets not only your needs, but those of your guests as well.

Your wedding invitations are the first line of communication you will have with your guests. Any and all information that you’d like guests to know for your wedding day can be included in your suite in some form or another. One of the first things you’ll want to do before building your invitation suite is get a rough idea of what information you need guests to know. The basics of any invitation suite will answer the questions – who, where, and what. 

  • Who is getting married?
  • Where are they getting married?
  • What do we need to do next?

Let’s first start with your main invitation. 

Wedding Invitation, Typically 5×7 inches in size

Your wedding invitation needs to include the most important information. This is how you will formally invite your guests to your wedding day. Be sure to include names of those to be wed, the date of the wedding, and the time and location of the ceremony. If you are having your reception in a different location than the ceremony, we will include that on a different card. For now, the ceremony location is the only location you will include on the invitation. It’s as simple as that!

Let’s head to the next card. 

Details Card, Typically 4.5×6.25 inches in size

The information you’ll want to include on the details cards will depend a little bit on what you need to share. If your reception is at a different location than the ceremony, this is the place to include that location. If you’re having a cocktail hour before the reception begins, make sure to include that here. What comes next is up to you. Here are the most common things you’ll find on a details card.

  • Hotel Accommodations (if you have a block of rooms reserved for guests at a specific hotel)
  • Travel Accommodations (Airport information if you have large groups traveling to you)
  • Transportation Information (if you have a shuttle service for guests)
  • Guest Attire
  • Wedding Website

One thing we recommend with a detail card is keeping it short and to the point. If you feel you have a lot of information to share, we highly recommend creating a wedding website. Your wedding website is the perfect place to put detailed information regarding other aspects of your wedding. We then can politely urge guests to view your wedding website for more information by including a small blurb on your details card!

RSVP Card, Typically 3.5×5 inches in size

This is one of the more controversial cards in a wedding invitation suite. With technology and wedding websites, it has made rsvping for guests a bit quicker than the traditional RSVP mail back cards. So the question is, do you actually need one? The answer comes down to personal preference. At Artfully Overjoyed, we like providing wedding guests with an option on how they want to rsvp. We like including a traditional mail in card for older guests, but will include directions on how to rsvp online if other guests prefer that way. This way our couple’s don’t have to worry about grandma or grandpa calling because they can’t figure out a QR Code or the wedding website. However you’d like guests to rsvp is completely up to you! 

A wedding invitation, details card, and rsvp card are traditionally the most common cards you will find in a wedding invitation suite. There is always an option to add on more cards, but these three will be your building blocks. Some other cards you may find in an invitation suite can include:

  • Wedding Map 
  • Weekend Itinerary
  • Rehearsal Dinner Information
  • Interactive Cards

If you’re ready to start building out your wedding suite, we’d love to help! At Artfully Overjoyed we create custom wedding invitations from scratch with you in mind. We’ll act as your guide through the invitation process to ensure your guests know exactly where they need to be and what they need to know! If you’re ready to get started, kindly inquire here with us today!

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